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Both individual and workplace wellbeing are bio-individual and multi-dimensional. With that in mind, we offer a variety of customizable solutions to support you in promoting a culture of wellbeing and taking care of your leaders and teams. Each solution is research-based and designed to be experiential.

Our signature programs, these offerings combine our expertise in workplace culture, adult learning & development, and health & wellness. 

  • Wellbeing Workshops: interactive and experiential in-person or virtual sessions that promote sustainable lifestyle shifts that encourage overall wellbeing, reduce burnout, and increase agency over health.  Perfect for in-tact teams, onsites/offsites, or organization-wide.   

  • Wellness Challenges: these fully customizable time-bound challenges increase a sense of connection and belonging across teams and companies and promote health forward cultures.  

  • Health Coaching Circles: group health coaching for small groups of employees that provide educational content with personalized coaching to bring it to life.  Pairs well with workshops. 



Now more than ever, people leaders need better training, tools, and  practices to sustain their energy levels while also supporting and engaging their teams.

  • Leadership Coaching: these individually tailored transformative 1:1 health coaching engagements take a holistic approach to leadership wellbeing and are aimed at decreasing burnout, increasing self-leadership skills, and promoting engagement. 

  • Leadership Offsites: make time together in-person more meaningful by including an immersive wellbeing session designed just for your leadership team that will promote connection, reenergize your team, and provide them with actionable takeaways that they can immediately apply and bring back to their employees. 

Talent programs and practices set the foundation for workplace culture, leadership excellence, and ways of working.  By optimizing your programs with wellbeing in mind, you can shift your workplace towards one that is more health-forward and sustainable.  We specialize in designing, enhancing, and measuring programs inclusive of: 

  • Performance Management

  • Performance Enablement 

  • Onboarding 

  • Learning & Development 

  • And more...

Talent Program


Integrated people strategies (and teams) that optimize employee wellbeing result in increased employee engagement and performance, decreased burnout and attrition, and better company performance.  Whether you're developing your first wellbeing strategy, enhancing your talent practices to promote a wellbeing culture, or want to increase (and measure) the ROI of existing programs, we can't wait to partner with you.  

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